Mkarimu Radio is a Kenyan online radio station originally based in Toronto Canada owned  by  Mkarimu Media inc. The station that primarily serves the Kenyan diaspora community. The station was founded in 2014 by with Nelson Ndereva and a group of Kenyan journalists and media professionals with the aim of providing quality news, entertainment, and information to the Kenyan diaspora.

Mkarimu Radio offers a variety of programming, including news, music, talk shows, and interviews, all with a Kenyan perspective. Its content is designed to inform, educate, and entertain Kenyans living abroad, as well as to promote Kenyan culture and values.

The station has become an important platform for the Kenyan diaspora community, providing a sense of connection and community for Kenyans living in different parts of the world. Mkarimu Radio has also been instrumental in promoting Kenyan artists and musicians, giving them a platform to showcase their talents to a wider audience.

Overall, Mkarimu Radio plays an important role in keeping the Kenyan diaspora connected to their homeland, and in promoting Kenyan culture and values to a global audience.

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